Our History of Excellence

About FABTRON: A Legacy of Family & Passion

At FABTRON, we blend tradition with innovation to craft equestrian products of unparalleled quality. Guided by our founding principles of excellence, competitive pricing, and unmatched service, our mission is to meet the evolving needs of the tack industry while honoring the trust and loyalty of our global community of equestrian enthusiasts.
In 1977, the Headrick family embarked on a journey to revolutionize the equestrian world. They introduced the 'FlipWhip' line – a meticulously crafted range encompassing riding bats, crops, cart and buggy whips, lunge whips, and stockyard whips. Soon after halters, leads, cinches, and some of the most complete lines of saddlery & tack in the industry.

Founding Principles:
From the outset, three core tenets anchored Fabtron:
Deliver unmatched product quality.
Ensure competitive pricing.
Provide the industry's best service.

Evolution and Growth:
Our commitment to these principles has not only earned us the trust of our customers but also fueled our consistent growth. Over the decades, we've been attentive to the needs of the tack industry, broadening our offerings in line with demand. This responsive approach has necessitated the expansion of our infrastructure. Today, Fabtron proudly operates from a sprawling 45,000 square-foot facility, encompassing warehousing, manufacturing, finished-goods storage, and shipping areas.

Our Promise:
Your trust is our most significant asset, and our team deeply values your patronage. We stand firm in our pledge to uphold the goals we set decades ago. Our continuous endeavor is to remain your premier choice for tack supplies.
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