Fabtron Leather: A Legacy in Equestrian Excellence

We've been crafting generations of saddle excellence for over forty years.
Explore the unrivaled equestrian excellence offered by Fabtron, the leading manufacturer and distributor in the industry. With over 70 years of combined expertise in crafting top-notch equestrian equipment, Fabtron upholds the values of tradition, innovation, and uncompromising quality. We are pleased to offer an extensive range of Fabtron's exceptional products, along with additional options from renowned brands like Crates. Discover a seamless blend of historical essence and modern spirit as you indulge in Fabtron's heritage craftsmanship, accompanied by the exceptional offerings of Crates.
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As a dedicated rider for over two decades, I've tried a myriad of equestrian products. The saddle and tack from Fabtron and Crates Leather stand out remarkably. Not only do they offer unmatched comfort and fit for both me and my horse, but their durability is truly commendable. The meticulous craftsmanship is evident in every stitch and contour. Riding with their gear, I feel a connection to a deep-rooted equestrian tradition. Highly recommended for those who seek the best in the equestrian world.
Alex M, Equestrian Enthusiast

Sonoma Trail Supreme®

Built with American Steer hides, Stainless Steel Dees, In-skirt riggings, Contoured Skirt, turned fenders, Basket weave with rope border tooling, hand stitched cantle, berry conchos and a host of other great features make this highly desirable for today’s discerning Trail Rider.
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1" Standard Nylon Comfort Fit Halter

Fabtron's nylon halters are guaranteed the most "horse-friendly" in the equine industry. Specially woven in a unique "soft" webbing, our premium, heavy-duty nylon yields a soft and flexible feel instead of a stiff and abrasive one.
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Black Felt Deluxe Comfort Roper's Cincha

The material in our black orthopedic felt is also constructed from millions of individual fibers of uniform strength and interlaced together with thousands of needle strokes.
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